X Infinity - Getting too many calls from 919 701 3057 but get notification "no answer" are you letting them?

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As my phone give me immediate notice that there is "no answer" it seems that you system is agreeing with the system they use to call me: I can't call them back to ask them who they are. Please let me know if you are involved in this harrassment and fraud.

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I'm having the same experience, they call all the time and hang up when I answer but there is no answer when I call and it disconnects

X Infinity - Fraud, sold LCD as new from a backrupt compnay

Ottumwa, Iowa 0 comments
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I used to be like some of you out there and gave PC-Infinity (aka X-Infinity) the benefit of my doubts. However every one of the five computers/systems I have purchased from this company and it's many aliases has had something wrong. Years ago, they made excuses, complained and eventually would fix the issues, even though it may take a while to get a hold of someone whom cared. The straw that has finally broken my back is a simple defective LCD monitor from an off brand X2Gen, their "house brand" 19 inch LCD display.

Back on October 14, 2008; I convinced a friend that they could get better value by purchasing components rather than buying a system from a mainstream company. Since PC-Infinity had always eventually honored their commitments to me I suggested the purchase. Like normal, the computer shipped three weeks late and then only after several phone calls and email messages. Again like normal, what was received did not match what was ordered; which took until January of 2009 to get resolved. Now not even a year after the purchase was received the LCD monitor has failed. Since the order included the extra 3 year warrantee, one would expect eventually it will be honored. Apparently, not this time, and upon further research PC-Infinity has knowingly sold a "new" LCD display from a company that had filed for bankruptcy in 2007 a full year before this order was placed and two years before the attempted warrantee claim.

I have given up on PC-Infinity, I have filed online fraud complaints with the BBB, but do not expect any actions will occur. So $200 was wasted from a family that could not really afford it in the first place. Now I feel obligated to take care of this for them and my only hope for personal redemption is that anyone and everyone on the internet finds out to never do business with PC-Infinity (aka X-Infinity). The savings rewards are not worth the risks!





Phone 954.734.0043

Fax 954.742.5286



X2Gen Bankruptcy http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090602222821AATnJgu

By any definition of the word, they have repeatedly participated in fraudulent business practices against the citizens of the United States of America.

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